Prestige Print Prestige Anniversary

About Us

A Wellington based family owned and operated commercial printer, we specialise in high quality offset printing. We are passionate about providing cost-effective, environment-friendly solutions to our client’s requirements. Having been in business under continuous single-family ownership for over 40 years, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, sustained by innovation and enduring, loyal relationships with suppliers, staff and clients.

We are proud to provide a service that simplifies the whole process, ensuring the best results on time, to budget, without compromise of quality.

A Reliable Partnership

Take the stress out of your printing requirements by forming a partnership with us. We fully understand the urgent nature of your business and the importance of meeting deadlines, that's why we have proven processes in place to ensure they are met every time.

Our Owners/Directors Alec and Merv Walker are brothers who have spent their whole working life in the printing industry and have complementing roles within Prestige Print.

Alec and Merv are constantly looking at ways to improve our service to clients. All aspects of the business are reviewed in order to maintain our reputation as being a reliable, trustworthy firm that customers and suppliers can count on.

A Brief History

Douglas Haigh Walker founded Prestige Print in 1965. He had teamed up with a printer with the plan that he would do the books while his partner took care of the printing. When his partner pulled out Douglas(DH) began a steep learning curve on all things print. He must have managed very well because his legacy continues today.

There were a few moves within Newtown before settling into 146 Riddiford St, a very cute two story building. It wasn't long before his wife Edwina(Teddy) joined the business to run a stationery shop, and one by one as they grew up, their three sons Alec, Douglas and Mervyn joined the business also.

Today the business is owned and operated by the eldest and youngest sons Alec and Merv in their large, customised Te Aro Premises.

Alec Walker:
Director/Production Manager

Alec has extensive experience in producing commercial printing. A printer by trade, he is able to solve those tricky situations when the design ideal conflicts with recommended printing procedures. He keeps tabs on all print jobs ensuring they achieve deadline and quality control. 04 802 5471 Ext 2, 0274 433 406

Alec Walker

Merv Walker:
Director/Administration Manager/Rubber Stamps

Merv has spent his whole working life in the print industry and has a thorough overall knowledge of all that goes on at Prestige Print. He is in charge of all of the accounting processes as well as the rubber stamp service. He is available for all types of enquiry from prepress to delivery. 04 802 5471 Ext 4, 0274 523 262

Merv Walker

Vinchy Silva:
Account Manager

Vinchy has worked at Prestige Print since he moved to New Zealand from the Philippines in 2002. His extensive history in print prior to working at Prestige Print has proven invaluable, enabling him to build an impressive client base. Vinchy, having been a business owner himself, is well aware of the importance of quality service and makes sure that he is always available to his clients. 04 802 5471 Ext 5, 0272 919 868

Vinchy Silva

 Brian Sullivan:

Assistant Production Manager

Brian has worked in the printing industry in NZ and the UK, since he left college (year not supplied, but quite a few years..). He was a printing tradesman but his career has been predominantly in an administrative role and includes owning a printing company for 18 years. Brian is widely experienced in costing, production planning and customer relations and he strongly believes in being part of your team helping to solve your problems. 04 802 5471 Ext 7,

 Geoff Evans

Steph Walker:
IT Support

Steph comes from a background in computer analysis and programming in the Insurance Industry. It hasn't taken long to appreciate and enjoy the benefits of working in a small company where you need to know about every operational aspect. Among other tasks she uses these skills to manage KPI's and customise client's online ordering sites. 04 802 5471 Ext 1

Steph Walker