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Welcome to Prestige Print (1965) Ltd

We provide a personalised stress free printing service.

Why choose Prestige Print?

  • We are family owned and operate in a friendly environment
  • We will treat you as a high priority client
  • We will go the extra mile to ensure all processes run smoothly
  • We have a proven track record for consistently providing quality products on time
  • We are a sustainable print provider who has demonstrated environmental commitment by achieving GOLD Enviro-Mark accreditation
  • We offer you an on-line print ordering service
  • We are centrally located in Wellington city centre
  • We are community minded and regularly contribute donations and services to charities and schools

Mission Statement

Prestige Print is committed to continuing the family legacy of running a sustainable business while being a responsible contributor to society. Our business is providing a service which results in high quality printed articles. We encourage integrity and pride in our work, respect for all people and continual innovation.

Independent Survey

Comments in a recent survey of our clients:

  • "Service - prompt, reliable, responsive, good communication, efficient"
  • "Staff - helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, pleasant, easy to deal with"
  • "Product - quality"
  • "A great team full of helpful people"

Client Feedback

"The great service I get from you must run through the whole company. Not only did someone find the mistake, all the team managed to find a solution and meet our deadline. Fantastic effort."

Steve Hanna, Burger Wisconsin

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