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16 Sept 2011

NZICA Leadership Awards

We are extremely proud to be the sponsor of the NZICA Annual Report Leadership Awards. These awards recognise and celebrate best practise annual reporting. This was a natural choice for us as we take pride in producing high quality reports. We look forward to the Awards dinner on 30th November.

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Alec and Merv 50/50

There has been a change to the ownership of Prestige Print. Long time associates of Prestige know that Doug, the middle brother, resigned his directorship and position in 2008. He did however retain his shares in the company. Recent negotiations have led to Alec and Merv buying Doug's share, so they now own the business 50/50.

Ash Makes the News!

Ash did his best to make sure that Prestige featured on TV3 news. Noticing the TV3 cameras during the outrageous hailstorm on Tuesday 13th, Ash risked life and limb to run out into the hail (hailstones reportedly were as large as rocks).

This led to a great shot of him being hit on the head, making the realization that “it hurt”, then turning around running for shelter. Ash - our hero!

Ash tv3

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03 Aug 2011

Updated Website

Well you are viewing this so you can see that we have made some changes to our site. We hope you like the new look. We have added a 'News' Page to keep you up to date with the latest happenings at Prestige.

Inhouse Prepress

We are delighted with our recent (March) acquisition of prepress equipment which is very ably operated by Melissa Boardman (ex Freestyle). The benefits of providing this in-house service include greater quality control, faster turnaround and easier proof sign offs.

New Staff

We are also delighted that we have recently been able to increase our staff. Andrea Liddall (ex Freestyle) and Charles Framhein (ex Lithoprint) are fantastic new additions to our sales team (see their profiles in 'About Us'). Melissa Boardman as mentioned is in Prepress, and Mike McKenzie (ex Freestyle) is a very experienced and capable Printer.

22 May 2012

Recent Changes at Prestige

Changes in Staff

We have had quite a few staff changes since our last News Update. In order to accommodate our increasing business and maintain fast turnarounds we are running a night shift and welcomed Mike Burke (Off set Printer) and Andrew Rotherham (Bindery Operator). 

Charles Franhein has moved on and we wish him well.

In-House Digital Printing

We are very excited about our new Canon Digital Press. Ask us about how this new Press can help us to help you.

September 2013

We welcome Geoff Evans to our Sales Team. Geoff replaces Andrea who left to pursue other interests earlier in the year. You can find out more about Geoff in the "About Us' tab.

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